Taj Mahal Symbol of Love

Taj Mahal: A symbol of Love

Standing majestically on the banks of stream Yamuna, the Taj Mahal is substitutable to like and romance. The name “Taj Mahal” was derived from the name of monarch Jahan’s married woman, Mumtaz Mahal, and means that “Crown Palace”. The purity of the white marble, the exquisite ornamentation, precious gemstones used and its picturesque location, all build a visit to the Taj Mahal gain an area amongst the foremost sought-after tours within the world. However, till you recognize the story behind the development of the Taj Mahal, the sweetness of the identical wouldn’t enliven in your heart and mind and instead would come back up as simply another lovely building/monument. it’s the love behind this outstanding monument that has given life to the current monument. come back and explore the visceral personal appeal that it emanates.

At the brink of dawn, once the primary rays of the sun hit the dome of this epic monument, it radiates sort of a heavenly abode, cloaked in bright golden. then at crepuscle, basking within the glory of the moon, it shines sort of an utterly sculptured diamond; showing as if straight out of some sorcerous tale, departure the viewers overawed by its sense of grandeur. Nothing wanting AN field marvel, no marvel it stands proud at being one among the Seven Wonders of the planet. and also the made fantastic thing about this visual spectacle turns visceral once one hears the story behind it. The story of Taj Mahal!

Taj Mahal-the symbol of love is “a monument of immeasurable beauty”. the sweetness of this splendid monument is such it’s on the far side the scope of words. The thoughts that inherit the mind whereas observation the Taj Mahal of Agra isn’t simply its fantastic beauty, however the vast love that was the explanation behind its construction. Mughal Emperor got this monument made within the memory of his beloved married woman Mumtaz Mahal, with whom he fell dotty at the primary sight. Ironically, the terribly initial sight of the Taj Mahal, the epitome of affection and romance, conjointly leaves guests fascinated and constantly enthralled.

If one has a heart that beats and that beat throbs to seek, the purity of love in galore! Surely one deserves a visit to ‘The Taj’, as much as ‘The Taj’ deserves your visit once, and more!