Dal Lake: Jewel in Crown of Kashmir

Dal Lake: Jewel in Crown of Kashmir

Location: Srinagar, The Dal Lake Jewel in Crown of Kashmir
Attractions: Lake basins, Islands, Houseboats & Floating Gardens
Perfect Time To Visit: June To August

Kashmir comprises of India’s most wonderful spots that’s why called as Paradise on earth and one of the gems of Kashmir is Dal Lake, it is arranged in Srinagar. The lake is a noteworthy focal point of fascination and diversion. The significant fascination of Dal lake is it’s home vessels numerous guests remain at one this one of a kind house pontoons.

How to Reach Dal Lake

Being an urban lake, it is effectively reached with streets going around it and achieving this piece of the world is genuinely simple with a decent street to arrange and an air terminal only 7 km away at Badgam. It ought to be noted anyway that no rail administration works in this district.

Visitors Attraction Point

Visitors might be astonished to find that Dal Lake is a solitary waterway as it resembles being a wide range of lakes and pools interconnected and isolated by various interstates, structures on stilts, drifting plant enclosures and houseboats. The lake is really framed from five lake bowls these being the Nehru Park, Nishat, Hazratbal, Nagin and Brari.

Dal Lake House Boats

The biggest gathering of houseboats lies along the western edge of the lake close to the lakeside avenue, towards Dal door. They are lined in circling columns and around little islands. A few inns can likewise be found on level islands in the lake. Past the houseboats toward the northwest are the gliding gardens.

The principal houseboats showed up during the times of British pioneer rule when the excellence of this piece of the nation tricked a large number of the British yet the Maharaja of Kashmir carefully controlled the structure of houses. Numerous guests remain at one of this one of a kind coasting homes that’s however there are likewise great quality lodgings and cafés on the lake-front.

Investing energy in the water is a need for a great many people and one of the most loved methods of transport is the Shikara pontoon which has been portrayed as the gondola of Kashmir. The proprietors of houseboats perpetually give Shikara to the utilization of their visitors and others are accessible for a contract at sensible, albeit generally debatable, rates.

Swimming Zone

The waters of Dal Lake are incredibly clear. Nevertheless, one is prompted not to go swimming in the lake in spite of the fact that the swimming houseboats, outfitted with jumping sheets and chutes, are secured in a more profound piece of the lake, ‘upstream’ from the convergence of houseboats. Swimming here can be very reviving, particularly on a hot evening. One will without a doubt be joined by various Indians, including Hindu ladies who swim in their saris.

Gliding / Floating Gardens

The lake is presumably at its most wonderful when the lotus blossoms sprout in July and August. The drifting plant enclosures, known as “Rad” in Kashmiri, are one of the more bizarre parts of Dal Lake. They’re made out of tangled vegetation and earth, which are removed from the lake base and towed to an advantageous area where they are secured. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Melons all become incredibly well in these plant enclosures on the off chance that one look underneath one can see that they do actually coast on the lake. One can likewise approach the skimming gardens by street; the road keeps running along the eastern edge of the lake, giving fine perspectives the whole distance.

One will regularly observe weeds being hauled up out of the lake – this fills a twofold need. The lake conduits are kept clear and the weeds are spoiled until they structure superb manure for the plant enclosures. The shallowness of the lake and its substantial development of waterweeds is likely the fundamental reason there are so not very many fueled vessels on the water. Dal Lake would be not even close as charming if there were powerboats surging forward and backward over its serene surface.


There are numerous visits around the lake yet by a long shot the most ideal approach to see it is to take a Shikara for multi-day and complete a circuit of the Mughal gardens. At a sensible value, there’s not really some other lazier and increasingly pleasurable method for getting into the swing of Srinagar.

What to See at Dal Lake

There are many intriguing spots to visit, for example, the old sanctuary of Shankaracharya or the majority of lotus blossoms which sprout in July and August. The lake likewise has many coasting gardens regularly secured in closeness to the houseboats. These nurseries are made from segments of tangled vegetation which are just cut free and moved into position. Maybe obviously, water-adoring yields, for example, melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes appear to become especially well in these conditions.

There is dependably a lot of action on the lake that’s and it even has a drifting business sector where merchants sell their produce, legitimately from their vessels. In certain zones, swimming is well known as is kayaking and different types of sailing. Throughout the winter months, there may even be an open door for skiing.

Other Attractions in Srinagar

There are so many other Places if you will visit in Srinagar such as Nishant Garden, Shalimar Garden, Chashma Shahi, Pari Mahal, Nagin Lake, Floating Vegetable Market, Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, Jama Masjid, Hazratbal Shrine, Shankarcharya Temple, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden etc…