Bhangarh: The Haunted Place

Bhangarh: The Haunted Place

Perfect Time To Visit: September To February

The Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan was built by King Madho Singh, the more youthful sibling of Emperor Akbar’s general called Man Singh. It was worked in the wake of getting the endorsement from plain Guru Balu Nath who pondered at this spot. As per regular old stories, the austere caused the ruler to swear that the fortification shadows would not contact his region of contemplation. In any case, the ruler neglected to keep up to his guarantee. When the shadows contacted his spot, Guru Balu Nath reviled the town to stay roofless. Regardless of whether a rooftop is fabricated today, it falls before long.

No one is allowed to enter the fort after sunset or before sunrise. The warnings about lawful activities are not only out of gossipy tidbits. People guarantee to have heard Bhangarh apparitions shout, voices of ladies crying, hints of bangles in the rooms, and spooky scents after sunset. Ghostly shadows, odd lights, and unusual sounds of music and dance have also been reported. It totally depends on a person whether he would believe it or not. It is said that the spirits roam in Bhangarh fort at night and various strange noises are heard. Also as it is said, anyone who enters the fort at night would not be able to return in the morning.

Another story is about tantrik Singhia, who fell in love with Princess Ratnavati. A local black magician fell in love with her and once tried to bewitch a cosmetic she was supposed to use, to make her fall in love with him. The princess smelled suspicion and foiled the entire conspiracy of the black magician by pouring the bewitched cosmetic over a massive stone boulder, which then supposedly crushed the ‘tantrik’ to death. Before the magician breathed his last, he placed a curse upon the entire landscape that no soul would ever be able to live in peace there. The entire landscape around the Bhangarh Fort has been haunted since.

Entry into Bhangarh is prohibited between sunset and sunrise. It is ranked the most haunted fort in India. The fort is haunted, but it truly deserves the title of hauntingly beautiful.